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V Plus Car Wash

Only available at Eglington location

Regular Carwashes
Vip Carwashes
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We at V Plus car wash understand that every customer who walks into our store is unique in nature. Every car  has different and specific cleaning requirements.  We offer our different packages with a variety  of services to satisfy our customers need,  time & budget.

Our V Plus Car Wash Menu offers 5 Packages plus other specialized services to meet our customers need and  convenience. We are more than happy to personalize  our services to suit your requirements. At V Plus Car Wash,  you’ll discover there’s a lot more to washing your  car than just a simple splash of soap and a quick vacuum.


Head Office

2082 Kipling Avenue,
Etobicoke.Ontario. Canada

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Phone: +1 (416)-746-7745                   Fax: